Karthik Subramanian, Founder & Chief Architect of Digital Disruption. His background is in software solution delivery leadership playing various roles from engineer, architect and strategist for many Fortune 1000 clients in different business domains. 


He wanted to start building an innovative set of tools, products and solutions that make a difference in the digital business, IT and the startup ecosystem. He's put together a framework that he feels best represents the startup ecosystem and how to drive innovation through organizations with startup activities as well as key elements of the startup environment. Along with this framework he's bringing together a platform, tools and training to foster improved collaboration among the developer, business, startup and entrepreneurial communities.


Our Goal:


We intend to provide rapid application development for startups and enterprises interested in prototyping from concept to reality in weeks as opposed to months applying lean agile principles and a proven repetable process.


Technology Stack:

API Management - Apigee
Backend - Firebase, App engine, kubernetes, pub/sub, Cloud functions, stackdriver.


Advantages of this approach:
Heightened focus on data models & business logic
Orchestration and abstraction at the API layer for mediation, security, mashups.
Plug and play front end and devices.


Use Cases:
1) Green field. No applications, no services & backend data store.
2) Have functional backend services & front ends; need to add feature sets.
3) Have legacy services(SOAP) and need to migrate to RESTful services with security, controls.
4) Desire to share API's with developers faster
5) Want a developer portal
6) Desire visibility across the entire digital value chain(client apps, developer, API's and backend services)
7) Create omni-channel connected experience.
8) Need to develop digital applications faster


Why Us?


We have been actively involved in the Philly Tech and Startup Ecosystem since 2004 and have the expertise, frameworks, tools and products to help developers, startups and entrepreneurs succeed with a low cost of ownership. 


We're looking forward to working with you.


Karthik Subramanian, Founder & Chief Architect, Digital Disruption, LLC.

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